Kigali City – The Capital Of  Rwanda, Safari Tours, Facts, Map & Guide

Kigali City is the capital city of Rwanda and it is found in the center of the country.  The country is prominent for being tidy, clean, delightful, and well-looked-after streets in comparison to most cities in Africa. Kigali city shares painful and touching experiences due to several memorial sites in reminiscence of the Rwanda genocide that sparked in April 1994. Kigali has got more lively spots, where tourists can exploit the culture, beautiful scenery, and hospitality and also have a chance to taste Rwanda’s cuisines. Travelers can also familiarize themselves with the noiseless and tranquil atmosphere around Kigali City and also have an experience around the city as they carry out different transactions. In Kigali, the currency used is the Rwandan franc, and also the US dollars ($) are accepted during transactions.

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People in Kigali Rwanda French, English, Kinyarwanda, and Swahili as their official languages. Nevertheless, French is widely spoken by people in Rwanda and used by people in general. They later introduced English as a formal language in Rwanda and it was introduced as a way of fitting in with the rest of the world Rwanda became part of the East African community with countries like Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, and Burundi.

Transport means around Kigali include taxis, buses, and moto-taxis which are commonly used. Other means of transport to access Kigali include flights to Kigali International Airport. The flag carrier airline of Rwanda is Rwanda Air which operates in East, West, Central, and South Africa, in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

Different types of tourists are encouraged to visit Kigali city as has different tourist experiences due to the variety of tourist destinations that it offers such as; historical sites, hangout spots, shopping centers, restaurants, nightlife, market tours, neighborhood walks, and sightseeing spots, cultural expeditions, arts and craft centers, museums, city tours, festivals and so many other potential tourist sites.

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Historical sites in Kigali include; the Kigali genocide memorial, the Belgium soldiers’ memorial site, Hotel Des Mille Colline where the movie Hotel Rwanda was acted, Presidential Palace Museum, Kandt House Museum, Sainte-Famille Church, the Nyanza genocide memorial, Nyamata genocide memorial center, Ntarama genocide memorial among others

Kigali City is worth visiting to experience the hospitality of the Rwandan people, their culture and way of life, local cuisines, art, and crafts as well as their traditions. Share the memories of the thousands of Hutu and Tutsi lost during the Rwanda April genocide and witness the hope for a better and peaceful future evident in the general appearance of Kigali and the smiles of the Rwandese as you enjoy the journey to the land of a thousand hills. Discover more about the best time to visit Rwanda.

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