Kenya Safaris

Kenya is a home to the big 5 animals of Africa. Kenya is rated among the top spectacular safari destinations in the word, offering a wide variety of activities to engage in and explore.

When you read about the history of this beautiful country, you will not fail to come across the name Karen Blixen. She was one of the early white settlers who lived in this country that fought for the rights of the local Kenyan people against the oppressive colonial forces at the time. Kenya is a country decided to honor her great works and named a whole suburb after her.

Kenya Safaris

How much does a Kenya safari cost?

How much does a Kenya safari cost? Kenya Safaris can cost from $100 to $1,500 per person.  An inexpensive Kenya safari can be valued at $150 per person while midrange Kenya safaris can be valued at $400. Luxury/ upmarket safari lodges might possibly cost $1,500- $5,500 or more per night.

The Kenya trip guide underneath gives a highlighted outline of the average cost of a Kenya safari, it will also easily let you know how to select a destination that matches your budget.  Our website provides you with a diversity of trips ranging from 1 to 20 days therefore feel free to select the one that is suitable for your travel needs. READ MORE!

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