Gorilla Trekking | 2024 Exclusive Guide to Uganda, Rwanda & Congo

Gorilla trekking is an activity where tourists are allowed to see mountain gorillas after obtaining a gorilla permit in Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. On every East African Safari traveler’s bucket list is gorilla trekking in the tropical jungles of Uganda, Congo, and Rwanda. JimJam Safaris will guarantee you unforgettable memories of seeing the mountain gorillas.

We specialize in designing unique, budget, and Mid-range luxury safaris and tours for our clients. We help you obtain your Gorilla permits in Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo. The rangers keep on guiding you on which gorilla family you should track. You can take a private or group gorilla safari depending on your budget, include something else on the trip like a classic wildlife safari, or take a shorter route through Kigali City in Rwanda—choosing your preferred destination route is important for gorilla trekking.

Our professionals understand the current tourist’s needs and dedicate themselves to delivering high-quality and personalized travel services for our clients.

Best time to go gorilla trekking

It is paramount to keep in mind that Mountain gorillas can be tracked throughout the year because their movements are not affected by changing seasons. The best time to go gorilla tracking is in the dry season where the vegetation is not thick and the ground trails aren’t very slippery. Getting this time right is kind of complicated because global warming has affected weather patterns a lot in Africa making it very hard to predict the beginning and end of the wet and dry seasons. At the end of the day, the final decision of when to visit the gorillas remains with the traveler.  READ MORE

Best time to go gorilla trekking

Chances of seeing gorillas in Uganda Rwanda and Congo

What are the chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda? This is probably the most frequent question we get from tourists who are planning to go gorilla trekking.

The chances of seeing mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda depend on several factors. The chances of seeing mountain gorillas in the wild during the gorilla trekking adventure is about 99%. Far apart from other wild animals whose viewership is a probability in the wilderness, seeing the mountain gorillas is a sure deal. READ MORE!


Gorilla Habituation Experience is a unique way of spending a great wildlife holiday in the African jungles offering a fantastic opportunity to spend up to four hours amongst a family of the mountain gorilla. You get a chance to observe and photograph them directly, play and groom one another at a gentler pace paying the same price you would pay Volcanoes National Park. This is a one-time experience to take part in the valuable task of habituating gorillas to the presence of humans.

Gorilla habituation involves training gorillas to get used to humans. Gorillas are trained by researchers and rangers for 3 years. Only 4 visitors are allowed per session. The cost of gorilla habituation is $1,500 in Uganda per person per day. You actively engage in the gorilla habituation experience!

You will be guided by trained rangers and guides. After a challenging trek through the green wilderness, eventually reach the family’s location. Approach cautiously, getting close to these powerful yet intelligent creatures.

Gorilla Trekking Permit Cancellation And Refund Policy

Like any procured product, purchasers normally anticipate calling off the purchase or getting compensation if the commodity isn’t consumed or doesn’t meet their expectations. Gorilla trekking is a one-in-a-kind escapade that comes with a lot of excitement over a long period to build up to the day, yet the gorilla permit is quite pricey. For that reason, guaranteeing that you will get a refund is vital in organizing a gorilla safari. READ MORE!

Make Your Dream Gorilla Safari Cheap with Tips Below

  • Travel in a group of 2-4.
  • Consider Budget or Mid Range Lodges.
  • Uganda gorilla permit is cheaper compared to Rwanda.
  • Secure your trekking permit early enough.
  • Book Your gorilla tour during the low season.
  • Plan with our reservation specialists.
  • Request for a tailored trip that suits your travel plan.
  • Communicate with your Itinerary planner.

What To Expect On Gorilla Safari

On the day of your trek, move to the briefing point by 7:30 a.m. After briefing, you will be allocated different tracking routes.  You will head to the forest accompanied by rangers as you begin your search for gorillas. You will get a chance to see other mammals and birds.  At the end of the day, expect to be muddy and sweaty.

Once you see the gorillas, it’s okay to take photos with your camera with no flashlight. You will spend between 40 minutes and 1 hour in the company of these gentle giants. It will be such a life-changing experience. After the trek, you can opt for a cultural experience of the Batwa.

Hours To Spend With Mountain Gorillas In Uganda & Rwanda

Before taking into consideration boarding the next trip to RwandaUganda, or the Democratic Republic of Congo for gorilla trekking, the first question you should ask yourself is; How many hours are we allowed to spend with the mountain gorillas? Mountain gorillas are talented and intelligent creatures that nearly became extinct due to diseases and human activities that were intimidating their lives and habitats. READ MORE!

What to Pack For Gorilla Trekking.

  • Hiking boots.
  • Rain Jacket.
  • Poncho.
  • Camera (without Flash Light).
  • Binoculars
  • Bottled water
  • Long pants or trousers
  • Snacks.
  • Insect repellent.

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