Ultimate Guide To Diani Beach Kenya | Things To Do & Hotels

Welcome to Diani Beach Kenya

Diani Beach Kenya is frequently referred to as a collective term for a group of mutually connected beaches situated south of Mombasa that form Diani Beach. Two of the most famous beaches in Kenya are Diani Beach and Galu Beach and each of the beaches stretches for 15 kilometers over fine white sand.  In addition, there are beaches such as Tiwi, Diani, Chale, Galu, and Kikondo that are worth visiting on your Kenya safari to Diani beach.

Diani Beach Kenya
Diani Beach Kenya

The distinctive white sand that furnishes this charming beach is sightlessly white and ultra-fine which in low tide can stretch as far as 150 meters. Diani Beach is safeguarded by a shallow lagoon followed by a coral reef that is situated about 1km from the low water mark. Apart from safeguarding the ocean, these islands also provide favorable conditions for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing, and water activities like windsurfing and kiteboarding. The culture of the island not only revolves around beaches but also dynamic recreation. Across a wide range of ocean coasts and just like on many other coastlines stable winds provide ideal wave configurations. Nevertheless, their height is consequentially reduced by reefs that are not very far from the shore.

So many people are familiar with the Diani Beach area because of its snow white and extraordinarily fine sand which has uniformity that is more like that of flour. Travelers have a deep affection for fishing on their vacations because it is one of their preferred pastimes. Tuna, blue marlins, striped marlins, black marlins, dorado, barracuda, and swordfish are just some of the fish that you can catch. A close range from the Diani beaches on the other side of the Kongo River lies Diani – Chale Marine National Park and Reserve which is vastly famous with diving enthusiasts and snorkelers who come in large masses to see the exotic species of the Indian Ocean.

Getting to Diani Beach

Reaching Diani beach is among the simplest things. You can get to the beach by air, car and bus.

By Air: A handful of flights connect Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Ukunda (Diani Airport) on a regular basis. In addition, there are flights available from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Ukunda Airport on a regular basis.

By car: The transfer from Mombasa to Ukunda by road takes 8 kilometers. If you are driving from Mombasa, you must cross the ferry at Likoni and then take the road to Ukunda.

By Bus: Additionally, there are also private shuttle buses that connect Moi International Airport to Diani which are operated by the airport. Generally, it takes approximately six hours to travel the route by bus.

Best Time to Visit Diani Beach Kenya

The south coast of Kenya on the south coast of the country is pursuing seasonality and offers a destination that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Rainfall in tropical destinations usually begins in the afternoon and can even occur at night. However, it is highly advised that the best time to visit Diani is in July to September because it is slightly cooler. January to March are also favorable months because the weather is not as hot as during the rest of the year.

Accommodation Facilities

When it comes to accommodation, Diani Beach has the best accommodation facilities. The Beach provides a great range of accommodations for the best Kenya holiday and beach tours ranging from luxury accommodations, Midrange accommodations, and budget accommodations. These are categories that you might pick interest in depending on your travel budget. These include Water lovers Beach Resort, Kinondo Kwetu Lodge, The Sands at Nomad, The Villa Luxury Suites Hotel, Baobab Beach Resort & Spa, African Dream Cottages – Diani Beach, Papillon Lagoon Reef Hotel, Leisure Lodge Beach & Golf Resort, Diani Sea Resort, Stilts Backpackers, The Sands at Nomad Hotel, The Zubeida among others.

Activities to do at Diani Beach

Visit Chale Island Chale Island lies at the center of Msambweni Bay 12 km south of Diani Beach Kenya and is considered to be more of a holy place than an island. Chale Island is also among the best places to visit in Diani Beach Kenya.  This island has been used by the native coastal people as a place of worship for a number of years. In essence, Chale Island has a lot to offer to tourists from its appropriate water sports centre to captivating boat excursions making it a sanctuary for visitors seeking a more intimate treat. Chale Island also has an eye-catching white sand beach beautifully fringed by coral reefs. This makes it an ideal destination for tourists seeking a more intimate experience. Diverse diving and water sports are available on the Island with the Diving Crab offering boat snorkeling, beach snorkeling, kayaking, sailing in the local catamaran and game fishing among other activities. Aside from shopping for souvenirs, clothing, swimwear, toiletries, and jewelry, visitors to Diani Beach can also find a wide variety of other activities to enjoy.

A Visit to Shimba Hills

Shimba Hills is one of East Africa’s most diversified coastal forests and is only 45 minutes away from Diani Beach. It is the second-largest coastal forest in East Africa and visitors to the reserve are free to take a look at it. You will have a chance to have delightful views of local villages as you drive through the hills. During the drive to Shimba Hills, you will free your mind from the continuous activity that goes on at Diani Beach due to the ceaseless water activities. There are a number of wildlife that can be found in this reserve, including Elephants, Sable Antelope, Genet, Leopard, Civet Cat, Waterbuck, Hyenas, Buffalo, Bush Pig, White Columbus, and Coastal Black, Bush Duiker, back faced vervet monkey, Serval Cat, Sykes Monkey, Red Shrew, Red Duiker, and many others. A total of 111 bird species are found in the park. Some of these include the African Hawk, Ostrich Eagle, Quail, Sunbird, Crowned Hornbill, Honey Guide, and Uluguru. It is also home to reptiles such as Python, Lizard, Cobra, Gecko among others.

Explore the Fort Jesus

An effortless trip around the famous Fort Jesus in the surroundings of Diani Beach would wind up your tour of Diani Beach and the Fort Jesus is just a few minute’s drive away from the beach. UNESCO announced Fort Jesus as a World Heritage Site in 2012. It was built in 1593 by Portuguese King Philip 1 and Spanish King Philip II.

Tour Kongo Mosque

As one of the most notable tourist attractions in Diani, the Kongo Mosque is among the most famous tourist destinations in the city. This mosque was built by Arab traders back in the 14th century and is the oldest mosque in East Africa. One of the most astonishing facts about this mosque is that Muslims still gather there on a regular basis for prayers. The mosque is bordered by a beautiful garden that is occupied by big baobab trees some of which were planted by Arabs. The Kongo River and the Indian Ocean can be seen while you are outside the mosque. Having such a picture moment and beautiful view in Diani Kenya makes it an excellent place to enjoy your vacation.

Scuba Diving, Snorkelling, and Boat Tours in Diani Beach

There are a number of ways to enjoy the richness and diversity of marine life at Diani Beach Kenya such as boat trips, snorkeling, and scuba diving. In addition to providing a great platform to interact closely with marine life, these are some of the most fun activities in Diani Beach Kenya that everyone can enjoy.

Diani Beach Art Gallery Exhibitions

The Diani Beach Art Gallery is one of the most beautiful art galleries in Africa. While at these art galleries, you will find some of the most beautiful artworks made by talented Africans at the most modest of prices. Upon entering the building, you will find the entrance to be adorned with superb sculptures, and all of the workers have an appreciation for art and creativity. Here, you will find some beautiful works of art that you have never seen anywhere else in the world.

Skydiving in Diani

In Diani, skydiving is one of the famous activities for travelers from all over the world. The persistent crystal-clear skies and beautiful scenery make it one of the most enjoyable sports on earth. There is only one everlasting sky diving club in Kenya and that is Skydiving Diani which is located in Diani. Tandem skydiving activities are organized by the club along with quality equipment for a safe jump. The Skydive Diani organization organizes the weekly boogie fests every March and November. The purpose of these festivals is to provide tourists with an opportunity to experience advanced skydiving antiques and a training session exclusive to Skydive Diani.


Horse-riding at Diani Beach

Similarly, to the camel man who takes a walk along the beach will try to sell beach rides but you can get a secure ride on well-kept horses at Kinondo Kwetu. At Kihondo Kwetu, you can take a ride along the beach and explore the revered Kaya Forest. It is one of the loveliest tourist activities in Diani beach however, you must ensure that you reach there early because the heat may be flaming.

Camel riding

Diani Beach Kenya is a famous place in the world for its camel rides along the beach. The young ones love them, and it has been observed that a few terrified adults hold onto the camel as it lowers them precariously to the ground.

A visit to Boro-bora Wildlife Park

In this natural reserve located along Diani Beach Road, you can enjoy a leisurely stroll and have a chance to get up close to some of Kenya’s most famous native animals as you stroll through the facilities which are just one kilometer from the ocean.

A visit to Colobus Conservation

The Diani Beach Colobus Conservation Centre offers you the opportunity to take a guided walk through the woodland where a troop of Colobus monkeys lives. You will be able to find out all you need to know about endangered primates and the work that Colobus Conservation is doing to protect them from poaching and traffic accidents. If you enjoy watching monkeys, you will have the opportunity to see verts, Sykes, and baboons wandering around the grounds as well.

Diani Beach Kenya is known as the resort area on the Indian Ocean coast in Kenya, that is located 30 km south of Mombasa, it is the most tourist-oriented beach of the so-called south coast. The beach is separated from the Tiwi beach to the north by the Kongo River. 10 m south of Diani Beach is Galu Beach, 20km south of Gazi Beach