Gitega National Museum | Best 6 Tours & All You Need To Know

Gitega National Museum was established in 1955. It is situated in Gitega an extensive city just a few kilometers in the East of Bujumbura. The museum has various musical instruments, weapons as well as witchcraft materials. This museum comprises the Musée Vivant which was established in Bujumbura in 1977.

Gitega National Museum

The museum consists of a reptile house, aviary, open-air theater, and botanical gardens. While at the museum, you will have a glimpse of the photographs of Burundi’s monarchies and gain knowledge about their present-day struggles with the native wars as well as the Genocide. The exterior part is not very beautiful and the aesthetics are not exceptional in general even though the content and particulars you will obtain here are very appropriate and ancient.

Gitega National Museum Gallery

Gitega National Museum
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