How Hard Is Gorilla Trekking In Uganda? Best Travelers Guide

Most tourists have been discussing and reporting on how difficult gorilla trekking is. Others have been wanting to know how difficult gorilla trekking is in Uganda and Rwanda on various platforms like Trip Advisor and Lonely Planet. Below is the detailed information about the difficulty of gorilla trekking.

More About Gorilla Trekking In Uganda

Some clients narrate stories that Gorilla trekking in Uganda is difficult for the reason that the elevation in Bwindi is high elevations and others call this experience a once in lifetime because moving to and from the impenetrable forest to trek mountain gorillas is an additional kind of magnificent encounter. Tourists who fail to make it to the hike take it to be an exercise of the day, so different travelers explain gorilla trekking in different ways.

Supposing you have already booked and confirmed your gorilla trekking safari in either Uganda or Rwanda and you already purchased a gorilla trekking permit for particular dates, the difficulty and toughness of the should not worry you because as soon as you approach the forest especially Bwindi they will consider several things before allocation of a gorilla family. Physically unfit clients, old clients, disabled clients, senior citizens, and clients with children are allocated gorilla families that do not require hiking for long distances before finding the gorillas hence easy trek. While physically fit and middle-aged clients are allocated gorilla families that require hiking long distances before seeing the gorillas.

Bwindi impenetrable forest is home to several wildlife animals such as elephants, buffalos, and other primate species. Occasionally as you follow the trails to where the mountain gorillas are on a specific day, the chances of meeting such animals on your way are very high however just in case you run into them, you should not forget that such animals can be violent because they are not like the savannah animals that are familiar with human presence.  Another incident is when the wild mountain gorillas come face to face with each other habituated gorilla and assault each other like hours/ a day before you meet them. You may find these gorillas when they have charged and these gorillas can always fight you but the ranger guides are always accompanied by armed men just in case the situation goes beyond normal, always shoot to scare the gorillas as the rangers get safe custody of the clients.

Gorilla trekking involves hiking into non-identical landscapes and the impenetrable forest of Bwindi and as a result, some of the mountain gorillas live in high altitudes of 2000 to 3000. Because of the altitude, most of the hikers start getting challenges. Furthermore, Bwindi impenetrable forest is a tropical rain forest and for that reason, expect rain at any time of the day definitely the rain wets the ground however this does interrupt the activity hence this is where the hike becomes difficult although others refer to it as the experience of a lifetime.

Reserving accommodation in a wrong gorilla trekking sector for instance booking accommodation in Rushaga yet you have a gorilla trekking permit for Ruhija or accommodation at a far away area that requires 4 hours of driving to the park headquarters. In most cases, this is done by clients who prefer booking everything by themselves without using the knowledge and guidance of a tour operator. Considering that the gorilla permit availability sometimes becomes insane more so in the high season, clients conclude by purchasing gorilla permits of any sector without putting into consideration the accommodation they reserved.  Clients who book the wrong accommodation at the end of the day get so end up getting stranded on the actual day of the gorilla trek since they need to drive for long hours to make it on time for the gorilla trek which in the long run makes gorilla trekking difficult in Uganda at times. For That reason, we strongly advise clients to use the services of a tour operator like JimJam Safaris & Tours to organize gorilla trekking safaris in both Uganda and Rwanda.

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