Minimum age for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda

The minimum age for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda respectively is 15 years and above.  The minimum age for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, and Volcanoes National Park in Uganda and Rwanda respectively is 15 years and above. This is seriously enforced in both Uganda and Rwanda. However, there are some circumstances under which a child below 15 years may trek gorillas. All park authorities are very genuine when it comes to gorilla trekking age limit to the extent that passport biodata pages will be requested before a gorilla permit is issued. On the gorilla trekking day, all trekkers will also be requested to present an original passport so as to make sure that all those who will trek gorillas are of the right age.

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Uganda Wildlife Authority and Rwanda Development Board may allow a child below 15 years to trek gorillas. When the child is about to celebrate his or her 15th birthday, both Uganda and Rwanda gorilla authorities may extend sympathy to such a child and allow him or her to trek gorillas. The second instance where a child below 15 years may trek gorillas is when much as he/she is below the required age expresses maturity and is physically strong. If the above are assessed and the child qualifies, authorities may decide to give that child a chance to trek gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda.

age for gorilla trekking in Rwanda and Uganda

However, if a family is coming for a gorilla trekking safari and the group has an under-age child, a consent letter can be written to the Uganda Wildlife Authority requesting them to grant gorilla trekking permission to the child. In the consent letter, the parents must accept to take full responsibility in case of any occurrence while in the forest. The parents also promise to be closely monitoring and protecting the child from any inappropriate behavior against the gorillas.

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