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Karera Falls (Chutes de la Karera)

The Chutes de la Karera is the collaborative title for the five charming waterfalls close to Rutana. The most attractive waterfall is Nyakai I and it is where the cars are parked. Upstream from this is the tinniest of the four waterfalls, Nyakai II, a perfect location for an unprepared downpour. This channel is connected by that of Mwaro Falls previously making the namesake and highest waterfall in the area, Karera Falls. The other series of waterfalls connected to Karera Falls are Karera 1, Karera 2, and Mwaro.

As you would expect, the best time to visit the waterfalls is during the wet season (especially from October to January). These falls are 64km south of Gitega.

Karera Falls Gallery

Karera Falls
Karera Falls 1
Karera Falls 2