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The Kibira National Park is a national park in northwestern Burundi. Overlapping four provinces and covering 400 km², Kibira National Park lies atop the mountains of the Congo-Nile Divide. Kibira is the country’s second-largest national park. Kibira National Park serves as a source for various rivers and streams which provide water around the country.  This area receives the highest rainfall in the country.  Kibira National Park has very sturdy forest vegetation and tourists have gone the extra mile to discover more about the mysteries that lie within the park.

Kibira Forest National Park

The Vegetation cover of Kibira National Park consists of a Montane rain forest that looks across two vast tea plantations of Teza and Rwegura. The forest harbors over 200 bird species and it is ranked as the best birding destination in Burundi.  The forest is also home to the 98 mammal species that can be seen inside the forest and these have made the park a very extraordinary tourist destination.

Kibira National Park is famously known for chimpanzee trekking and the best time to trek these chimpanzees is during the short rainy season in September to November and the short dry season in December to January.

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Kibira Forest National Park
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