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Ruvubu National Park is the largest national park in the country covering 508 kilometers. The park’s borders fall within the provinces of Karuzi, Muyinga, Cankuzo, and Ruyigi. The park neighbors Tanzania in the south, the valley of Rubuvu River whose landscape dominates the area.

Ruvubu National Park

The Ruvubu National Park was named after the Rubuvu River which runs through the length of the park. The national park is the rearmost remnant of the natural grassland flora and fauna which once covered the limitless greater part of the northeast part of Burundi. It is home to several wildlife species, most notably hippopotamus, Nile crocodile, cape buffalo, Waterbuck, duiker, and numerous primate species. Roughly more than 200 species of birds were recorded in the park making it a haven for twitchers.

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Ruvubu National Park
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